KaosPilot Student, Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur 

"Yoga for me has never been the physical postures for stretching."

My name is Anna Elkjær, Im a 23 years young, KaosPilot Student and a Yoga Teacher, living in Aarhus Denmark. I am currently on the journey of figuring out my own way of contributing to making the world better, and I think I am slowly starting to find my way. 

When the word “yoga” is mentioned, most people immediately think of some physical postures for stretching. This is one aspect of the yogic science, but actually only a small part, and relatively recent in development. The physical Yoga was primarily designed to facilitate the real practice of Yoga – namely, the understanding and complete mastery over the mind. 

Even though we supposedly are the smartest creatures on earth, we do so many damaging things to ourselves, our relatives, our surroundings, and the planet – because we simply haven’t learned to fully understand and control our minds and as an effect of that haven’t either learned to control our behavior. But this can to an extent be taught, and therefore I have taken upon me the task to investigate the field of yoga, meditation, therapy and personal development – because I believe our world can’t become sustainable before we as humans have become more sustainable ourselves. 

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A statement and a promise to contribute to making a sustainable world, by becoming and helping people and organizations to create sustainable beings.

What are sustainable beings? Sustainable beings are people who feel more content within themselves, and as a consequence knows how to fulfill their physical, emotional, and social needs from natural sources and knowledge on the human brain and body.

The task: We need to spread and gain more awareness and knowledge on how to truly feel content from within, instead of searching for it and escaping it outside ourselves through overconsumption of media, drugs, alcohol, food that doesn’t serve our bodies, and compulsive and constant purchasing of luxuries of unnecessary kind. To create and become sustainable beings, we need to process the knowledge and skills, to spread awareness and start a movement towards a healthful and more sustainable world. 

Conscious Teachings Thrives to help people and businesses realize, and tap into, their potential and make them self sufficient, more focused, motivated, and aware of the importance of their passion and job and mission in life.


The Kaospilot Enterprising Leadership Program is a 3-year entrepreneurial leadership education.

It’s a hands-on and team-based education where you work with real businesses and organisations, real people, and real problems in order to create sustainable solutions that foster positive change. You will be equipped with the latest knowledge and tools from global subject matter experts, as well as train and apply these directly in your individual and group project work. The content of the program offers a unique combination between Business Design, Process Design, and Project Design where you will master these areas together and separately.

Central to your education will be exposure to different challenges and work on a range of assignments and projects, either of your own making or provided by the school. You will develop a portfolio of projects conducted and experiences gained. As a demonstration of both the methodologies and skills you have acquired and the network you have created, your portfolio is a testimony to what you can offer future clients and employers.

A Kaospilot is an entrepreneur, leader, or changemaker, who’s core competencies lie in moving projects, people, and ideas forward in order to create transformation and positive change. There are many different professional paths for a Kaospilot, and they very often work in different fields and industries where they lead, manage, and execute projects in all shapes and sizes. A Kaospilot is the missing link in any organisation that wishes to drive change and create results.

The KAOSPILOT philosophy and framework has evolved over the past 25+ years of praxis, combining the experience of our vast and diverse faculty of educational practitioners with a broad yet coherent theoretical foundation. These include various schools of thought within philosophy, psychology, action research and learning. The worldview draws inspiration from humanism while seeking to combine it with a systemic and relational view of social and natural systems in order to realise this potential and value. We call this the Enterprising Leadership Practice – it is a practice that involves identifying and realizing opportunities and potential within a given context that create holistic value and benefit for those connected people and communities.

The Enterprising Leadership Practice consists of three dimensions, which are trained and practiced by the students:

Developing Abilities

Cultivating Character

Creating a Sense of Direction

Students take personal responsibility for their own learning and the success of their programme. They are taken from chaos, into order, and back again so as to increase their awareness of, and ability to manage complexity, change and possibilities. The students are followed and coached on both individual and group levels.

My personal mission as a student at The School of KaosPIlots

Saving the planet in stillness

Reach out if you are interested in taking part in my journey and mission!

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